About Credit Scores

At liwwa, we have a focus on developing the most sophisticated tools for credit assessment and financial reporting. Our in-house credit model relies on a diverse set of inputs to arrive at one discrete output: the Credit Score.

We employ a numerical scoring system to provide users - both borrowers and lenders - with a clearer understanding of the assessment process. Doing so also allows us to deliver more fully on two of our core values: Transparency and Fairness.

Risk Profile Credit Score Range
Low 7.5 - 10
Medium 4.9 - 7.4
High 2.3 - 4.8
Table 1: how Credit Score ranges relate to Risk Profiles.

The three main inputs of the credit score highlight the borrower's business experience, the quality of the business, and the viability of a collateral arrangement. The borrower's business experience underlines his or her ability to guide the business through a changing macroeconomic environment. The quality of the business similarly provides an indication of creditworthiness while collateral arrangements help secure lender assets in the event of a default. The credit score is a weighted average of these three main inputs.

Each of the three principal outputs is modeled around fourteen additional sub-variables. For example, business quality is derived through an analysis of more granular inputs like "industry profit margins."

In time, we'll be introducing new tools to enhance the quality of our assessment process; keep an eye on this space for updates.

As always, we eagerly welcome your feedback. So please email any questions you may have to: support@liwwa.com.