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Who we are

Our mission is to deliver job and income growth in the markets we serve. The way we do that is by facilitating capital access for small businesses - a $250 billion gap in the Middle East alone.

How we work

We provide the opportunity for savers to lend to profitable and stable small businesses. The goal is to build more substantial opportunity for people in the MENA region and beyond.

Small Businesses

A small or medium-sized business submits a loan application through this website.

Credit Assessment

We conduct an in-house review of the small business's creditability. Based on that assessment a campaign is approved or denied within 48 hours.


Once campaigns are posted to the site investors have the opportunity to review them before making a decision to invest.

Repayments & Returns

Small business borrowers make monthly payments to investors. Those funds are available for withdrawal at any time.


Business Loan

Our loans start from 9.35% annually. We deliver capital to our borrowers quickly and transparently. Loans are currently only available to borrowers in Jordan.

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You can earn fixed-income returns on a diversified portfolio of small and medium businesses. Investors may invest from across MENA and the UK.

Investing in small and medium business loans not only offers a unique opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio, but also allows you to support local economies and aid in the economic development of MENA countries

Invest in SMEs

10.34% Average Annualised Return in 2014